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This will guide you through setting up a new user for dialing into VentureNet.

Step One:
Have user close all windows, and go to the desktop. (the screen with all the icons.) Double click on My Computer, double click on Dialup Networking, then double click on Make a New Connection.
There is no My Computer icon
There is no Dialup Networking icon
There is no Make a New Connection icon
Step Two:
-In the first space for the name of the computer you are dialing, you type VentureNet, click on next. This screen should be the info with their modem. This information deals with the internal workings of their computers and should assume their modem is installed correctly and working, click on next. The following screen should have phone number information, have them put 757 in the area code space, and the correct phone number in the phone number space, 246-4041 Peninsula and Southside, click on next; click on finish.
-The dialup connection called VentureNet should appear in the Dialup Networking window. If it is not there immediatly, have them use the scroll bars on the right and the bottom of the window to find the icon.
-Have the user single right-click on the VentureNet icon, and then single left click on Create Shortcut. This will attempt to place a shortcut to the connection on the users Desktop.

Step Three:
Dialup connection has been created, have the user close all the windows, and double click on the shortcut to Venturenet icon on their Desktop. Tell the user to fill in the username and password spaces with the correct information, hang up, and click on connect. Inform the user that if he/she gets an error message, to keep it on the screen and give us a call back with the error message on their screen.