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Ventur.Net Pricing & Services

Standard Dial-Up Pricing**
Month-to-Month (Check/Cash) $16.95
Month-to-Month (Credit Card) $14.95
Semi-Annual $11.95 - $71.70 one time payment
Annual* $9.95 - $119.40 one time payment
* Annual Accounts for Dial-up, ISDN and Web Hosting are not automatically billed via credit card.
** Each account may have up to 5 Screen Names, only one of which may be logged in at a time.
***Additional logins (accounts billed to the same customer) are billed at 9.95 per month.
Educational Dial-Up Pricing (Proof of College ID required)
Month-to-Month (Any Type) $14.95
Semi-Annual $11.95 - $71.70 one time payment
Annual $9.95   - $119.40 one time payment
ISDN Pricing
Single Channel 64K $55.00   with 1 Year Contract
Single Channel 64K $50.00   with 2 Year Contract
Dual Channel 128K $95.00 with 1 Year Contract
Dual Channel 128K $90.00 with 2 Year Contract
Pipeline Rental $10.00 per month
Pipeline Purchase $150.00
Configuration of Pipeline $75.00
Web Hosting
Website up to 50MB $15.00/month
Website with up to 20 mailboxes $25.00/month
Additional Mailboxes $1.00 per Box
Mailserver with up to 25 mailboxes $20.00/month
Colocation of Servers $75.00/month