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Venturenet Inc is locally owned and Operated by Jim Nichols (the owner of Hampton Roads Computer Co, Inc.) and Melvin Heath CPA who joined together to purchase the customer base of Communications Ventures when it failed in business in 1998. In that time Venturenet has become one of the most reliable and economical ISP's in the area. Venturenet pioneered the use of ISDN dialback for small business connectivity in this area and has been copied by many of our competitors. The company has provided free webhosting to any non-profit organization that has asked. We have hosted free web pages for those seeking political office regardless of party or affiliation. We heavily discount our rates for non-profit organizations on all other services. The owners and employees of Venturenet strive to be good citizens and promote the American Dream for all citizens.

Venturent offers dialup services, ISDN and frame relay connections, full and partial T1 dedicated access. In additon to providing many forms of access Venturenet provides many other sercies including web design, web hosting, email hosting services fro business. DNS services, and Terminal services. For those seeking the fastest bandwidth we also offer collocation services.