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Notice of Dialup Internet Access Discontinuation on
Sept 30, 2011

To: All Venturenet customers

It is with some regret that we must announce that Venturenet is going out of the dialup internet business. We can no longer afford to continue this service as we have only 20 customers left, no chance of growth in the dialup arena, and have never made a profit.  The cost to maintain dialup lines, equipment and other services demands that we discontinue our Dial-up internet services. We will however delay the closing 30 days to allow you time to find another provider.

We have appreciated the opportunity to service you over these years and we will miss your business and the friendships created.  Venturenet itself is not going out business and it just a division of Hampton Roads Computer which sells and services PC’s, peripheral, and Servers.  HRCC is a 24 year old company and we not going anywhere. In addition should you want to keep your Venturenet, Megasurf or Shoreline email  address we will continue to offer email services for 3.00 a month prepaid for the foreseeable future but you will need to procure internet access elsewhere.  If you want this service or have any other questions please contact HRCC at the number above.

We have provided the following dialup internet
service providers as a suggested alternative. VentureNet and
Shoreline are in no-way affieliated with these service
providers, nor are we making a direct recommendation.




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